Full Disclaimer

All marketing materials, including printed brochures, postcards, pamphlets, diagrams, documents, all electronic representations including the Cary Creek website (www.carycreek.com), and all listing information associated with any and all real estate websites that describe or depict Cary Creek NEED NOT BE BUILT.

The buildings depicted NEED NOT BE BUILT and the building(s) that is (are) under construction NEED NOT BE BUILT as shown but will conform approximately to the following descriptions and depictions, in the sole discretion of the Declarant. All site and floor plans are artists’ conceptions and are not intended to be an actual depiction of the walls, windows, doors, walks, stairs, driveways, parking spaces, and landscaping as they will be constructed. All dimensions, plans, and elevations are approximate and are subject to variation in the field. Specific architectural plans and products are subject to revision, and specific architectural details may be substituted by different but visually compatible details. Components and materials may be substituted for those of similar quality, depending on availability of subcontractors and suppliers. Thus, the exact character, construction, and final appearance of the buildings NEED NOT BE BUILT exactly as described or depicted.

The Declarant may have prepared model units, drawings, and other depictions that may show how the condominium and the units in it may look upon completion. However, the improvements, finishes, and furnishings, including for illustration only, cabinetry, carpeting, floor covering, doors, trim, paint, wallpaper, and landscaping, that are not specifically described in any offering statement or your purchase agreement are not included with the unit and NEED NOT BE BUILT in the condominium. The models and depictions are for marketing purposes only and do not constitute a representation by the Declarant that the items depicted will be included in a particular unit or in the condominium. You must review any offering statement and purchase agreement for the standard and optional improvements, finishes, and furnishings that will be included in any unit that you may purchase.

If built, the other buildings may be constructed in any order, at any time, with no particular schedule of commencement and completion, and no assurances are given that they will be built or completed. If built, they will be of an architectural style and materials compatible with the character of any previously constructed buildings in the sole discretion of the Declarant.

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